Artist Statement

Statement photo

I want to thank Chris and everyone at Dogmalice for setting up this website. They are doing an enormous service to the scene and I'm honored to be included in the family of links

At this time there are three sets of pictures here.

The first is a selection of 19 images from an ongoing project which goes by the working title "Drunk and Happy", or just "party pictures". In early 2006 I had a show of 43 11X14 framed B&W prints at Photolab gallery in West Berkeley, titled Dunk And Happy(Or Not): It's Party Time!" The theme of this continuing project is people in peak party mode, with a scattering of shots showing or suggesting the downsides of "too much fun".

The second set of pictures here consists of band or stage shots. I photograph the bands I like at three basic locations:

  1. The Gilman Club, where I have been something of a house photographer for over 12 years;
  2. The various underground venues in the East Bay, the actual names of which are sometimes better left unsaid; and
  3. Various bars and alcohol-serving clubs which host live music in the East Bay.

The visial element of a band is part of it's entertainment value, as much as the actual music, and still photography is well suited to capturing what is distinctive and unique about a band and it's performance.

The third set is a group of almost random, but quite typical, pictures taken in the last two years. Band shots dominate, but there are also people shots, and shots of some of the unique activities I have observed.

Beyond that, I hope the images speak for themselves.

Larry Wolfley